SIP enabled Public Address & Secure Entry – As Simple as installing an IP Telephone.

Our SIP enabled IP endpoints are certified by 36 IP Telephone System Manufactures. Hardware connection is fast and hassle free, one cat5e cable and PoE completes the install. Through the web-interface, you register the device to the on-site or hosted IP-PBX.

SIP paging adapter
SIP Paging Adapter Connects Legacy PA equipment to SIP

Connecting Analogue PA to the IP-PBX

  • Menu System to allow for Live Pages or playing Pre-recorded Audio
  • 10k Ohm line out & 600 Ohm connectors for interfacing with Analog Amplifiers
  • User Uploadable Audio Files
  • Line in – For Background Music
  • Web Control
  • Receives SIP or Multicast
  • 10/100 802.3af PoE
  • Polycom group paging
  • Cisco SRST support
  • 802.11Q VLAN support