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iEntry Systems is a specialist distributor of VoIP Secure Entry devices. Our expertise and product range also covers IP Public address systems. We pride ourselves on our ethos that has always been our goal. Our strategic policy of being a single vendor (manufacturer) distributor. We are not a jack of all trades and master of none. We do not advertise 1000’s of products (that are all “in stock”). In-fact, on our website you will find no more than 30 products.

iEntry Systems is the sole stockist of CyberData Corporations SIP enabled IP-endpoints. Proud and honoured to be their authorized distributor for the UK and Ireland. We have european customers we support. However, the majority of our partners are based in the UK. iEntry Systems offers local support from our Manchester office. We are big manchester united fans. Love us or hate us, you have to be UNITED.

Talk about love and hate. Voice Over IP can not be ignored. Flexibility, added features, lower maintenance, lower line and call cost associated with VoIP has seen the market surge. There are 1,649,219 Hosted VoIP seats alone in the UK, growing by 245,489 seats (17.49%) in the last six months. The uptake of VoIP and IP Phone Systems is being fueled by BT’s £2.5 Billion fibre rollout. Soon, up to 2.5 million small businesses will have access to fibre networks.

Founded in 1974 in Monterey, California, CyberData Corporation is a leading design and manufacturing firm with more than 41 years of experience. CyberData designs and manufactures innovative SIP-enabled IP Paging and Two-way Communication/Access Control devices that are PoE (Powered over Ethernet 802.3af or 802.3at). They place special emphasis on developing and manufacturing well thought-out products which provide outstanding quality, functionality, design and durability. Their reputation for quality and extensive experience has created numerous OEM relationships with companies such as Epson, Dell, HP, Symbol, Hypercom, TPG, Fujitsu, NCR, Wincor-Nixdorf, and APG.