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Our best selling IP and VoIP based secure entry product is the stainless steel outdoor ip intercom. This is available in 2 variations. You can purchase with a 12-key keypad or a single call button only station. You can see the outdoor best seller here. The Intercom requires no other system parts. This makes it a perfect choice to bundle with a Wireless Point to Point bridge kit.

Apartment block with a remote Gate & Barrier point: For this example we are going to use an apartment block. The main block of flats has Ethernet connectivity and the Internet.

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 The End user is looking for a external IP based Intercom at a remote barrier point. The barrier point has an IP based ANPR camera that grants access to the tenants. However, when visitors arrive, an Intercom is required with the ability to reach multiple rooms.

First of all we need to create an Ethernet port at the Gate/barrier point. How do we do this ? We could dig up the car park ? As this is a page on a wireless IP intercom system, I think you have guessed we are not getting the JCB out ! Anyway, JCB’s and ground-works cost a  lot of money !

What we are going to do is deploy a simple Point to Point Wireless bridge kit. We are going to take the internet connection that is available in the apartment block, then send it to the gate point. We then connect the IP intercom to the ethernet port on the 2nd antenna. We now have the IP connection that the intercom operates on.

Hosted VoIP for True Remote Integrated Secure Entry Control. For this application the IP65 rated stainless steel SIP enabled IP intercom was used. A simple PTP (Point to Point) wireless bridge kit was used. The landlord had the internet available in the main apartment block. A bridge kit was used to send the IP signal from point A (the main block) to point B (the remote barrier point).

image of wireless voip intercom

IP is the connection. How do you want to control your Wireless IP door intercom ? What architecture does one want to utilize for the barrier phone to operate on. Lets cover them in more detail next.

IP – If your apartment block had say 10 rooms. You could set the IP Intercom up on a point to point mode. Each room would have an IP Phone (as the connecting handset). This could be a standard IP Phone that is plugged into an Ethernet port/router/switch. Grandstream make a cost effective range. This could also be a wireless IP DECT Phone. Within the Intercoms settings, you would set the device to not register with a SIP server. A SIP server is used for integration with an IP Phone system. 3cx have this detailed page on “what is a SIP server”.

For this Point to Point (IP) example, you would pair buttons 1-9 and 0 (10 x rooms) to each IP Phone. This is using the intercom in its most basic of functionalities. Point to point is very easy to set up. Each IP Phone would have its own IP address. Log into the intercoms settings and copy and paste each IP address into the keypad field.  When a visitor presses button 1, a call would be placed to the IP Phone linked to intercom button 1.

In the below video, we show how to set the Intercom up in a Point to Point operation>

VoIP to a Hosted SIP account – The Outdoor wireless IP intercom is primarily a VoIP device. Its SIP enabled for effortless integration to IP Phone systems. The entire physical hardware installation of the intercom system is easy. Wouldnt it be great if we could mirror this with a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) set up. Well, we can, especially with hosted cloud based VoIP platforms.

For this VoIP example we are going to use NTA as hosted platform. They offer a hosted VoIP solution that works great with our Outdoor intercom. This system is tested and proven. So, first of all lets look at the costs associated with setting up a hosted ip telephone system. NTA is around £7.99 per month. There are no per seat ( per intercom/ip phone) ongoing charges. The VoIP Intercom and IP Phones ( that answer the call ) sit on the VoIP platform as extensions. There are no associated costs with internal IP intercoms and internal IP Phones calling one and another.

In the below video, we show you how to access the Outdoor IP intercom and register it to a hosted SIP Server.

With the NTA hosted VoIP platform you can also form hunt groups and call mobile phones. A hosted VoIP solution, offers more powerful features than just a simple Point to Point setup.

With hosted VoIP you also have the ability to control the intercoms call path from the comfort of your own home. Log into the control panel and you now have the flexibility to add and change phone numbers.

The final point on a hosted solution over a P2P mode. Is that you can dial multiple extension numbers within the enterprise. With P2P you can reach a maximum of 12 endpoints, ( 1 x endpoint/ip phone for each keypad button.

On- board relay. The Wireless IP Door and Barrier Intercom features an integrated relay. This is also known as an I/O board. By default the I/O board offers a N/O (Normally Open) output. This is enough to trigger the automated gate or barriers controller unit. The relay is DTMF controlled. Dual Tone Multi Frequency are the signals our phones transmit when we press a button. See the full relay I/O board here.

intercom on-board relay

The Intercom is set up through its own IP address. Here you will set a DTMF relay code. when the intercom calls an IP phone or Mobile phone, the user presses, for example,  #321 and the door/gate/barrier opens.

To recap. This is a powerful IP and VoIP based wireless site/secure entry solution. Its designed for wireless applications where line of sight is available. For example, Point A can see Point B, where each wireless antenna is situated. The only on-site equipment that requires installation is the Intercom and wireless bridge kit.

This is a cloud based integrated VoIP solution with remote control. The Barrier Phone/intercom is programmed through its IP address and web-page. The wireless bridge kit is web-page controlled. The hosted VoIP solution is controlled through its web-page/portal.

Tried and tested technology: Wireless Bridge kits work, fact. Wireless is not a new technology, wireless and PTT kits have been out for years. Our outdoor VoIP intercoms is USA made. A high end product that is certified by Cisco, Broadsoft, Alcatel, NEC, Mitel, Asterisk and around 30 more. The Interoperability between the Intercom and NTA (the hosted VoIP provider) is proven. In fact, in our own demo labs we use NTA.

What ever you may need help with, regarding your own wireless IP intercom project, contact us, lets talk. See the contact page here.

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