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Cisco Singlewire Paging Intercoms – InformaCast Enabled

Cisco Singlewire Paging Intercoms

Cisco Singlewire Paging products are manufactured by CyberData and distributed by iEntry Systems in the UK, Ireland & Europe. So what is a Singlewire enabled product ? Singlewire manufacturer event and emergency IP Paging Software called Informacast. As standard, InformaCast is integrated by Cisco into their Call Manager platform (CUCM). All Cisco customers can use InformaCast basic version for free. The advanced version has a small annual license fee. With the free version you can page from and to Cisco IP Phones. The advanced version you can turn all your devices into a campus wide Cisco Singlewire Paging platform.

Cisco Singlewire Paging
^ IP65 External Singlewire-enabled Intercom

Singlewire Paging

A Cisco Singlewire Paging Intercom is a standard CyberData VoIP Intercom which has been manufacturerd to be Singlewire enabled. Doubling up as a Paging IP Speaker, your VoIP Intercom can be used for Secure Access and Mass Notification. This is a great feature to advise your End user about, the Cisco Intercom will suffice for coverage in an area where they may of needed to purchase a separate IP Paging Speaker, for Public or Security related announcements.

Cisco Singlewire Enabled Outdoor Intercoms

CyberData have just brought out 2 x new Singlewire enabled Paging Intercoms. These are the IP65 external versions, with an on-board DTMF controlled relay for secure entry. The 011309, which is the “Push To Talk” version and the 011310, which is the 12-Key Keypad Version with backlit buttons. Both Cisco Singlewire Paging Intercoms register to Cisco Call Manager as an approved 3rd party SIP extension.

Make use of existing Infrastructure & Connectivity

Before registering your Cisco Intercom as a SIP endpoint that is integrated to the Cisco IP Telephony Network, you need to converge it to the Physical Network. This is done in a very easy fashion, connect the Intercom to a POE switch through a cat5e Ethernet cable. The Set up is done through the Intercoms web-page and the on-board relay is triggered from the Cisco IP Phones or by diverting to a Mobile Phone. All CyberData Intercoms and the Singlewire enabled Intercoms accept SIP and Priority based Multicast.

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