Cyberdata SIP Intercom Systems within a VoIP Network

Cyberdata SIP Intercom Systems

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is the adopted standard in VoIP, the protocol that CyberData SIP Intercom systems use as their architecture. The more traditional of security installers may be a little wary of VoIP and SIP as it’s not a technology they are familiar with. Keeping things simple, the Cyberdata SIP Intercom requires no other manufacturer specific parts, just the intercom itself. You then connect this to your LAN on a single cat5e or cat6 cable to a POE switch or POE injector.

Connecting the SIP Intercom to an IP-PBX

Once the Cyberdata Intercom is integrated to the network, you can migrate it to the VoIP or IP Telephony system.  For the installer this is as simple and straight forward as connecting an IP Phone to the network. The Cyberdata intercom is effectively a stainless steel telephone with an on-board relay. So to register the Intercom to the VoIP network, you do this by registering it to an IP-PBX, this could be an onsite PBX or even a hosted solution. By doing this the SIP Intercom can dial multiple extension numbers or even speed dial into the network.

Outdoor Cyberdata SIP Intercom

Hands down our best seller, by far the most popular product we sell at iEntry and not much more of a financial investment than cheaper plastic, aluminum Intercoms. The Cyberdata outdoor SIP intercom is made from stainless steel and is IP65 rated making it robust with a tough design, this makes it ideal for automated gate and barrier applications.

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