On-board DTMF relay

All CyberData SIP and IP Intercoms, IP Speakers, IP Call Buttons, IP Strobes, IP Office Ringers feature an on-board DTMF controlled relay. DTMF or Dual Tone Multi Frequency are the signals our phones send when we press a button. When we call a business and the call is answered by an automated menu, the auto attendant knows exactly how to route our call by the sequence of numbers we press on our telephone. This is DTMF, the tones sent by our phone are interpreted by the receiver of the call. This is exactly how the DTMF controlled relay works, the connected device, usually an automated door, gate or barrier is triggered by a pre programmed DTMF code, for example: by pressing “321”.

When you set up the IP Intercom you access the IP address of the device from any web-browser connected to the same Physical Network. From the web-page settings you simply access the “Device Config” parameters and type in your desired DTMF Activation Code.

The N/O (Normally Open) output on the integrated DTMF relay is usually enough to trigger the controller of a gate or barrier with no requirement for any other equipment. For automated doors or other high powered devices an external relay is required. Most existing builds with have an external relay in place with its its own separate power supply. If your IP door entry and secure access application is on a new build then take a look at the CyberData Door Strike Intermediate Relay Module and the IP-POE Door Strike Intermediate Relay Module.

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