POE and IP Door Entry Intercoms

SIP, IP & Voip Door Entry Solutions on POE

So what is an IP Intercom? An IP intercom is a device or endpoint that uses Internet Protocol (IP) for its connectivity. All our IP door entry intercoms connect to the IP (Physical Network) and integrate to the VoIP network, utilizing the SIP protocol to transmit voice and data.

Many of our installer customers who deploy the Cyberdata IP door entry intercom have also installed IP video surveillance cameras before. The set up is no different, in fact you could say the set up of the IP intercom is easier. With the Intercom there is no recording solution or Video Management Software to install. No PC or server is required on site. After you have fitted the IP Intercom to a door entry point or even a barrier or automated gate you would then connect it to the IP network or LAN infrastructure. Finally you need to configure the parameters. This is done through the IP address of the intercom, again this is similar to installing an IP camera and it’s also page programmed.

The two connectivity options for the architecture to integrate your IP door entry intercom to are as follows: SIP, SIP is the adopted standard for VoIP networks. You would register the SIP enabled IP intercom to an IP-PBX, this is also known as a SIP server. The IP-PBX could be on site hardware, on-site windows software ( like 3cx free SIP Server ) or even a hosted cloud based solution. Once utilizing the SIP architecture the IP door entry intercom would be able to dial into the IP phone network. Option 2, a Point-to-Point mode, also known as P2P. This is nothing more technical than pairing the IP address of the Intercom to an IP address of any 3rd party IP Phone, sharing the same network. With an on-board relay the Intercom can trigger doors, gates and barriers. Call our local Manchester office with any questions, speak to a specialist today.

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