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10 Great Reasons to add VoIP Secure Entry To Your Armoury

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SIP Gate Intercom System + SIP Barrier/Door Phone

Well, we started with 10 great reasons to add a VoIP Intercom to your armoury. We actually could of double that list. The image above features the external ip65 rated SIP gate Intercom & door entry system. This can also be used to operate automated barriers. Featured in the picture, is the 12-key backlit keypad Intercom. This acts just like a telephone. The device is also available as a single call button option only.

The 10 reasons apply to all CyberData’s Secure Entry & IP Public Address endpoints. For this article we are going to concentrate on the intercom featured in the image. In particular, installing it at a gate or barrier entry point.

Lets cover those features in a little more detail:

1,Limited Parts: As an installer, this has to be the most appealing benefit. Also to the End user. If you specify the SIP gate intercom for your secure entry application, you are going to have less parts to buy. Also less parts to manage on site. The entire sip gate intercom system & door entry device, relies on cat5e and Power Over Ethernet. What else do you need to install ? Nowt !

2, Fast & Easy Install: Following on from reason 1. Less parts equals a quicker installation. If the intercom installation is part of a larger job, you can now spend your saved time on other aspects of the project. Alternatively, sit back and read a newspaper.

3, POE connectivity: You have to love POE. The SIP intercom is POE enabled. PoE 802.3af enabled. Do we need to explain this one ? You can send power down the same single cat5e or cat6 cable used for connectivity. With POE extenders, you can extend the LAN up to 1KM on cat5e. Our favourite POE switch brand is “PowerDsine”. Made by Microsemi, not the cheapest, but the best. 

POE switch is used for powering the intercom

4, SIP enabled for IP Phone Systems: This is a really important factor. When we look at some “IP” intercoms, they are just that, IP. Most IP intercoms started their life as an analogue intercom. Then advanced to IP. If we take a look at Aiphone for example. A great little intercom system. Developed from the demand of the End User, wanting secure entry at a gate, barrier or door location. wating that device to merge onto their structured cabling and LAN. Aiphone needs several system parts. The main feature is its connection, IP. However, you need tied in handsets and much more, Yikes !

Our outdoor IP intercom is SIP enabled for IP Telephone Systems (VoIP). This adds a host of powerful features. The intercom can form part of the End Users Telephony network. It can make and receive calls. Using the 12-key keypad option you can dial multiple extension numbers within the enterprise. So, to recap: IP is more of a connection, an SIP-enabled IP intercom integrates to the IP Phone Systems. Simples hey !

The demand for VoIP Secure Access Intercoms will grow, and grow, then grow some more. Especially with the current fibre roll out.  BT are half way through a £2.5 billion fibre roll out. More fibre networks to business owners = more IP Phone Systems, guaranteed ! 

In the Video below, we are going to take a look at how you register the door phone to a SIP server. A SIP server is also known as an IP-PBX.

5, Perfect for Hosted Systems. This one is our favourite reason ! Everything about the CyberData Intercom is advance. Everything about the installation is easy. Its all hassle free with limited parts. When you integrate the SIP gate intercom system & barrier phone to hosted VoIP platform, you add more advanced features.

Features aside, the installation and management of the Cloud based IP Telephone system is easy. Just like that of the intercom.

Furthermore, with a cloud telephone system, you take control and ownership of everything. You can log into your hosted VoIP portal as quick as you can log into facebook !. You then have the flexibility to form hunt groups, change phone numbers and much more. Our Cloud IP Telephony Partner is NTA North.

lets take a look at a landlord of an apartment block. In the past he has had analogue intercoms on site. If a tenat moves out, or one wants to change a number. The landlord would usually have to call his security company and ask (possibly pay too) to get the number changed.

With a hosted VoIP secure entry solution, the End user could sit at home, log in and change the number him/herself. How easy and flexible is that ! 

[mk_image src=”https://ientrysystems.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/sip_gate_intercom_system_ientry_systems_042815_122727_PM.jpg” image_width=”250″ image_height=”250″ crop=”true” lightbox=”false” frame_style=”simple” target=”_self” caption_location=”inside-image” align=”right” margin_bottom=”10″]


6, Massive Certification: Lets take a look at the Level of interoperability testing of approval of the sip gate intercom system. Some other “SIP” intercoms, state SIP compatible. However they don’t really have the level of certification that CyberData does.

If you look on their website you will see documentation direct from the Manufacturer. Here at iEntry Systems, we like to call this; “Direct Certification”. There are 36 IP Phone systems in total. Certification from Cisco, Broadsoft, Asterisk. Mitel have their own in-house SIP centre of excellence team. The Mitel SIP COE Team have certified the product. These are only a handful of examples.

The great thing about CyberData is this: Its always been a true VoIP Secure Entry device. Through its reliable history, its gained multiple credentials for registering to numerous IP Phone Systems. Its an American product, we are now starting to see those strong VoIP vendors from the USA, establish a reputation and presence in the UK.

Based in Manchester, iEntry Systems stocks this product and its ready in numbers to integrate to those growing IP Phone Systems.

7, On-board relay: Wow, Wow and Wow ! This is another great feature and reason to use this VoIP Secure Entry device. If we look at other intercoms, that are now “SIP” devices. When the intercoms call diverts to a mobile, they need an app on their smartphone. So why do we need an app ? Some other “SIP” intercoms send DTMF in “SIP INFO”. This is not a supported DTMF delivery. One of our partners 3CX have this useful article on DTMF.

BUT, lets quickly explain. The on-board dry relay contact (I/O board) is DTMF controlled. DTMF stands for Dual Tone Multi Frequency. If you called SKY TV and was greeted by an automated menu (as we always are). The menu knows how to route your call through DTMF. Its the signals our phones send when we press a specific button/key.

The gate and door phones relay is out of band RFC 2833 compliant. This is the standard for practically all IP and mobile phones. The intercom calls a mobile, the end user enters, say, 4321 and the door,gate or barrier triggers. No special software or apps are required.

8, Embedded Cisco feature: We say embedded, you say features ! No other VoIP intercom system on the planet offers this. SRST – Survivable Remote Site Telephony. If we look at say Commend. Their intercom requires a tied in server on site. When we say “tied in”, it’s an additional part by the manufacturer of the intercom, that you need to buy. Who needs to buy and install additional servers ? If fail-over is a must, as this is optional to use. Cisco SRST backs the intercom up to a remote location. This removes the need for a costly server on-site. Check out our own page with a Youtube video on SRST.

Sip Gate Intercom System Cisco SRST diagram image for intercom blog page

9, Robust and Vandal Proof: The outdoor VoIP intercom is made from a sturdy stainless Steel. Its IP65 rated, which is quite a high ingress rating. If anyone tries to tamper with the device, it can make a call to a pre-set phone number.

10, High End Trusted Manufacturer: CyberData is based in the USA. They was formed in 1974. As covered previously, they are certified by practically all IP Communications manufacturers. They have OEM relationships with HP, Dell, APC and Fujitsu.

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