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Cisco IP based speaker system for Cisco Call Manager

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The Cisco-certified IP based speaker system is deployed in Cisco environments for IP Mass Notification and Public Address. The IP speaker is made by CyberData Corporation and distributed by iEntry Systems. CyberData is a leading USA based manufacturer of VoIP paging and secure entry devices. Cisco work very closely with CyberData. The Cisco IP speaker simply registers to Cisco Call Manager as an approved 3rd party SIP extension.

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IP based speaker system for Cisco Call Manager

The Cisco IP based speaker system is designed for Cisco VoIP Public Address applications. Its perfect for Cisco environments that require IP speakers as an IP endpoint on the Physcial network. The IP speaker is POE (Power Over Ethernet) enabled. This means you can effortlessly connect it to the LAN on a single cat5e Ethernet cable, back to a POE port. There is no specialist licensing required or limitations on the number of speakers you can install. For 24 POE IP Speakers you would only need a 24 port POE switch.

The Cisco IP based speaker system features dual SIP extensions. Once connected you can use 1 extension for Public Address announcements. You could use the 2nd SIP extension for phone call audio alerts, this could be used as part of a ring group or act as a loud phone ringer. The SIP speaker is network controlled, you control the set up and speaker volume (up to 96DB’s) from its web-page. The set up is extremely easy, with embedded DHCP the IP speaker auto assigns itself an IP address. If you don’t want to access a computer to note its IP address, you can press a button (RTMF) on the device, it will announce its own IP address over the speaker.

For none Cisco applications the IP based speaker system and cyberData has gained Multiple credentials for registering with multiple SIP servers (over 35+ approved)

IP based speaker system features:

  • SIP (RFC3261) Compliant
  • Cisco-compliant
  • Registers to Cisco Call manager
  • Registers as a SIP extension
  • POE enabled
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Mulitcast SIP & IP endpoint
  • User-uploadable ring and alert tones
  • Auto detects the CyberData IP POE Clock kit
  • HTTP Web-based configuration
  • Web-based configuration + Web-based firmware upgradeable

Typical set up: The SIP Speaker would connect to the LAN on a cat5e data cable. It powers by POE so need to worry about other power supplies. The hardware installation is now complete. Its auto ip addressed and you can press a button to announce its own ip address. This is a true Plug and Play set up. Through the IP speakers web-page (accessed through its ip address) you would register the device to Cisco Call Manager. From the CUCM side you would add the Cyberdata IP speaker as an approved 3rd party SIP extension. Your zone paging and public announcements would be set up through Cisco Call Manager. If you have any questions on set up please call or email us. Contact details here.

IP Speaker range: This Ceiling SIP Speaker, Ceiling Tile SIP Speaker, Talk Back SIP Speakers, Singlewire SIP Speakers (for Cisco’s Paging Server)

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