CyberData – Indoor, VoIP Secure Entry Phone, V3, SIP-enabled with keypad

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This option: Indoor, Keypad & Call Button version. Powerful remote operated VoIP Secure Entry Phone. Blazing fast set up, a single LAN cable completes the install. Limitless expansion and no other tied in system parts to procure and install.

If your secure entry application needs 2 x VoIP door entry phones, you need 2 ports of POE. The device integrates to the End Users IP Phone System. Effortless registration to on-site or hosted VoIP platforms. IP and Mobile Phones operate the on-board relay.

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Remote operation and PIN Coded Entry of Internal doors. No apps to download or software to install. No PC or specialist servers required. The intercoms support comes direct from the SIP server and networking infrastructure. IP & Mobile Phones trigger the on-board relay.

  • Telephone Operation: Dial 1 – 100000 (unlimited) IP Phone Extension’s
  • Speed Dial Operation: Pair each keypad button to an IP Phone Extension (useful for multiple offices/buildings)
  • PIN Code Operation: Set 1-8 Security Codes, with the ability to allow or disable “Telephone Operation”

Blazing fast set up:

  1. Connect your Indoor VoIP door phone to a POE port
  2. Wire the on-board relay to an automated door  (DTMF Relay Page)
  3. Register the device to a hosted or on-site SIP Server / IP-PBX
  4. Add the secure entry intercom as a new user / extension number on the VoIP network

The Intercom can dial and speed dial multiple extensions. The call button can form a hunt group (set from the IP-PBX). IP and Mobile phones trigger the integrated relay (I/O board) – If required. 

  • High End + High Quality Product – Made in America  – Stocked in Manchester
  • Multiple credentials for registering with over 36 IP Vendors (Interoperability Page)
  • Direct Cert from: Asterisk, Broadsoft, Cisco, Mitel, NEC to name a few
  • 12-key keypad with backlight
  • Programmable speed dial
  • Faster processor
  • Supports SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony) in a Cisco environment. SRST parameters are entered statically into the CyberData product’s internal webpage
  • PoE 802.3af enabled (Powered-over-Ethernet)
  • SIP compliant
  • Adaptive full-duplex voice operation
  • Network web management and firmware download
  • Network adjustable speaker volume
  • Network configurable microphone input sensitivity adjustment
  • Concurrent SIP and multicast paging
  • Control Relay – network configurable auxiliary relay standard on all models
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
  • Downloadable alert, ringtones and callout messages – Add custom audio files to the board
  • 2 x SIP lines, doubles as a Paging IP speaker
  • An active call is indicated by the Call Button LED blinking at one second intervals
  • Call activity indicator (light)
  • The Intercom can automatically answer an incoming call

For more features & installation tips see the Operations Guide: PDF Link 

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