Outdoor, S/Steel, V3 VoIP Door & Barrier SIP Phone – Keypad Version, PoE, LAN + vLAN

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Outdoor, 12-key keypad version. Speed dial, Telephone Dial & Call Button Dial. Optional PIN coded entry. Deployed at Automated Doors, Gates & Barriers. Fast set up, as easy as installing an IP Phone. No tied in system parts, no pc and no running software.  Mange remotely, with port forwarding. – Integrate to on-site or hosted VoIP platforms. IP, Mobile & Soft Phones operate the on-board relay.

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VoIP Secure Entry Phone for External Automated Doors, Gates and Barriers. Remote operation from IP & Mobile Phones. No apps to download or software to install. No PC or specialist servers required. The intercoms support comes direct from the SIP server and networking infrastructure.

  • Telephone Operation: Dial 1 – 100000 (unlimited) IP Phones, Mobiles & Soft Phones
  • Speed Dial Operation: Pair each keypad button to an IP Phone Extension (useful for multiple offices/buildings)
  • PIN Code Operation: Set 1-8 Security Codes, with the ability to allow or disable “Telephone Operation”

Blazing fast set up:

  1. Connect your VoIP Door/Barrier Phone to a POE port
  2. Press a button and it tells you its IP address
  3. Wire the on-board relay to a door,gate or barrier (DTMF Relay Page)
  4. Register the device to a hosted or on-site SIP Server / IP-PBX
  5. Add the secure entry phone as a new user / extension number on the VoIP network

The Entry Phone can now dial multiple phone numbers & extensions. IP, Mobile & Soft Phones on laptops can trigger the Relay.

  • Wall Mount + Conduit Mount + Gooseneck Mounting
  • Automated Doors + Gates + Barriers + Shutters

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  • High End + High Quality Product – Made in America  – Stocked in Manchester
  • Multiple credentials for registering with over 36 IP Vendors (Interoperability Page)
  • Direct Cert from: Asterisk, Broadsoft, Cisco, Mitel, NEC to name a few
  • Faster V3 Processor
  • Remote Management
  • Higher than others Ingress Rating of IP65
  • Supports Cisco SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony)
  • Optional Weather Shroud (pictured) for even greater weather protection
  • PoE 802.3af enabled (Powered-over-Ethernet)
  • 12-key keypad with backlight
  • Programmable speed dial
  • SIP compliant
  • Adaptive full-duplex voice operation
  • Network web management and firmware download
  • Network adjustable speaker volume
  • Network configurable microphone input sensitivity adjustment
  • Network configurable auxiliary relay standard on all models
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
  • Add custom audio and store to the board – Ring-tones and Call-out Messages
  • 2 x SIP lines, doubles as a Paging IP speaker
  • Concurrent SIP and multicast paging
  • The Intercom can automatically answer an incoming call

outdoor sip intercom for gates and doors

The On-board relay below, triggers an external relay which triggers the maglock. For gates and barriers, the Normally Open contacts trigger the Gate/Barriers controller unit.

  1. Fast set up on cat5e and POE, No Software just a Web Page GUI
  2. Press a button on the Outdoor Entry Phone, it tells you its IP address
  3. Put that into a web-browser – Chrome, Firefox etc
  4. Set a Relay code – Can be 10 digits, but typically 321
  5. DTMF is the Touch Tone Signals our Phones send, the relay is DTMF controlled – IP Phones, Mobiles & Soft Phones

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Optional Weather Shroud

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