CyberData Bull Horn 40W Loud Speaker, IP54 with 40 watts Continuous Duty

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The Mini Horn Loudspeakers feature a highly efficient compression driver, weather resistant construction, and UV resistant materials. Up to 2 x 40W Bull Horns can be driven from the CyberData Amplifier.

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The 40W Bull Horn Loud Speaker is used with the CyberData SIP Amplifier. You can drive one or two Bull horns per AMP. The Amplifier connects on cat5e and POE. This input power drives the Bull Horns (they require no additional power source). One Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable powers all 3 devices.

  • A small re-entrant horn package with a powerful and efficient compression driver.
  • Designed for good speech intelligibility.
  • Rated at 40 watts continuous duty using a 1-1/2 diameter 8 or 45 ohm voice coil on a rugged phenolic diaphragm.
  • A heat sink coupled to the driver dissipates heat to maintain efficiency and endurance.
  • Weather and corrosion resistant design uses stainless fasteners. Plating on driver meets 96-hour salt spray test. Other parts are made of impact and UV resistant ABS.
  • Adjustable mounting base will attach to a 3-inch electrical box
  • Flange holes allow for recessed or concealed mounting

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