Outdoor, S/Steel, V3 VoIP Door & Barrier Intercom – Hunt Group Ready – PoE, LAN + vLAN

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Outdoor Call Button Stainless Steel VoIP Secure Entry Phone. Initiates a single call, but that call can form a Hunt Group and reach Multiple Desk IP Phones, landlines, Mobiles and Soft Phones. All those devices can send a Touch Tone Relay Code, which triggers the on-board relay. – Integrate to on-site or hosted VoIP platforms. Perfect for: Site entry locations (automated gates/barriers) and external door locations.

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VoIP Secure Entry Intercom for Automated Doors, Gates and Barriers. Remote operation from IP & Mobile Phones. No apps to download or software to install. No PC or specialist servers required. The intercoms support comes direct from the SIP server and networking infrastructure. Remote set up and configuration from its web-page.

Blazing fast set up:

  1. Connect your VoIP Door/Barrier Intercom to a POE port
  2. Press  Button on the Intercom and it announces its IP Address
  3. Wire the on-board relay to a door,gate or barrier (DTMF Relay Page)
  4. Register the device to a hosted or on-site SIP Server / IP-PBX
  5. Add the secure entry intercom as a new user / extension number on the VoIP network

The Entry Phone can dial multiple phone numbers & extensions. IP, Mobile & Soft Phones Apps can trigger the Relay.

  • Wall Mount + Conduit Mount + Gooseneck Mounting
  • Automated Doors + Gates + Barriers + Shutters

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  • High End + High Quality Product – Made in America  – Stocked in Manchester
  • Multiple credentials for registering with over 36 IP Vendors (Interoperability Page)
  • Direct Cert from: Asterisk, Broadsoft, Cisco, Mitel, NEC to name a few
  • Faster processor
  • Increased IP rating to IP65 & Optional Torx screws with driver kit
  • Spports Cisco SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony)
  • New streamlined case design
  • Optional Weather Shroud (pictured) for even greater weather protection
  • PoE 802.3af enabled (Powered-over-Ethernet)
  • Programmable speed dial
  • SIP compliant
  • Adaptive full-duplex voice operation
  • Network web management and firmware download
  • Network adjustable speaker volume
  • Concurrent SIP and multicast paging
  • Control Relay – network configurable auxiliary relay standard on all models
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
  • Downloadable alert, ringtones and callout messages – Add custom audio to the board
  • 2 x SIP lines, doubles as a Paging IP speaker
  • An active call is indicated by the Call Button LED blinking at one second intervals
  • The Intercom can automatically answer an incoming call

The On-board relay below, triggers an external relay which triggers the maglock. For gates and barriers, the Normally Open contacts trigger the Gate/Barriers controller unit.

  1. Fast set up on cat5e and POE, No Software just a Web Page GUI
  2. Press a button on the Outdoor Entry Phone, it tells you its IP address
  3. Put that into a web-browser – Chrome, Firefox etc
  4. Set a Relay code – Can be 10 digits, but typically 321
  5. DTMF is the Touch Tone Signals our Phones send, the relay is DTMF controlled – IP Phones, Mobiles & Soft Phones

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