Call indication light and backlit keypad
The on-board DTMF relay
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Certified Microsoft Lync SIP Intercom + Door Phone + Cat5e + POE + Remotely opens Doors + Barriers

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CyberData distributed by iEntry Systems, is to date the only lync-compliant SIP based door entry system available. The installation will require the use of a Patton, Audio Codes or Sonus gateway. A High End device made in the USA. Constructed from S/Steel and IP65 rated. Cat5e + POE complete the install. NO Other parts required.  High Stocked item and usually ships same day. OPTIONS: With/without Keypad + With/without Shroud.

SKU: 011214-lync.

Product Description

LYNC Door Entry – Certified

The outdoor Lync door entry system is a Microsoft-Lync certified secure access intercom. Deployed for easy integration with Lync IP Phone Systems. Works with on-site and hosted Lync VoIP platforms. Perfect as an external door entry phone. Also, very popular at site entry points to remotely trigger gates and barriers. The POE enabled SIP endpoint device is IP65 rated and stainless steel.

Gateways make the system work

When installing the Lync door entry system, the emphasis is on the gateway. The gateway is the hardware that makes Cyberdata a Lync-certified solution. Patton is one Manufacture who design and build Lync-certifed smartnode gateways. Patton partner CyberData to offer partners a Lync certified SIP door entry system. Sonus, who also build gateways amongst other products, also recommend CyberData as an approved IP endpoint for Lync door entry. You can see this recommendation on their website here.

This product page is to demonstrate how the Outdoor Keypad Entry Phone works with LYNC. However, ALL the Entry Phones on this webiste and featured here – > Will work with LYNC in the same way.

  • Integration to Microsoft Lync VoIP Platforms
  • Requires one of 3 certified gateways (Patton/Sonus/Audio Codes)
  • Other system parts have already been bought (LAN/Cat5e/POE/Internet)
  • As easy as adding a new phone extension/user
  • Also approved by over 35 leading IP Telephony Vendors – See here
  • SIP enabled – SIP-RFC3261 complaint
  • P2P Option (Peer-to-Peer) set up as an alternative to VoIP + SIP
  • POE enabled
  • Plug + Play with embedded DHCP
  • Plug + Play with RTMF button (press it – Announces IP address)
  • On-board relay – triggers doors, gates and barriers
  • Configure through Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox
  • Telephone Dial Mode + Speed Dial Mode + Call Button – Reach IP/Mobile phone – Phone opens door/barrier
  • Security PIN Code access (Keypad option – no need for card readers + extra equipment)
  • Ingress rating of IP65 – (dust tight + Water projected from a nozzle against the enclosure)
  • Goose Neck mounting option – ideal for gates & barriers
  • High Quality Full Duplex Audio
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
  • Configurable audio files
  • IP Multicast Endpoint
  • Doubles as a Paging IP Speaker
  • Dual SIP extensions – 1 x for Secure Entry 1 x for Ring Groups – Paging – Loud Phone ringing
  • OPTIONAL: Weather Shroud for extra protection (choose above)
  • OPTIONAL: Keypad (speed dial + dial like a telephone)

For more features and installation tips see the Operations Guide: None Keypad | With Keypad

Additional Information

Weather Shroud

With Shroud, Without Shroud

Keypad Selection

With Keypad, Call Button Only