SIP enabled IP Call Button, VoIP Panic Button, On-site & Hosted SIP Server Integration

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Designed specifically for VoIP networks. The SIP enabled IP Panic Button is mounted under a desk. If and when a situation of duress occurs, the end user presses the button. This places a call to a pre-set IP or Mobile Phone. A uploaded audiofile is repeated to the call handler.

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The VoIP Panic Button integrates into the physcial network. One cat5e cable and PoE is required for installation. Once connected to the network, you access its configuration settings through its IP address.

Simply register the VoIP Panic Button to a on-site or hosted SIP Server (IP-PBX). Upload your auido call out file. Set the phone number you want to reach.

Typically the device will be installed discreetly under a desk. If a situation of panic occurs, the user presses the button. A call will be placed to the desired number. The pre-recorded call out message will plat for 80 seconds.

Key Features

  • User downloadable message up to 80 seconds
  • Single button call to pre-set number
  • Continuous repeat of message
  • Call progress light
  • Event-controlled relay
  • Tamper sensor
  • Web-based setup
  • PoE-powered

SIP Panic Button Supports

  • SIP
  • HTTP Web-based configuration
  • Provides an intuitive user interface for easy system configuration and verification of SIP Panic Button
  • DHCP Client
  • Dynamically assigns IP addresses in addition to the option to use static addressing.
  • RTP
  • RTP/AVP – Audio Video Profile
  • Audio Encodings
  • PCMU (G.711 mu-law)
  • PCMA (G.711 A-law)
  • Packet Time 20 ms

Data Sheet PDF

Installation Guide PDF