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VoIP based barrier ip intercomoutdoor cisco intercom image ofdiagram of asterisk sip door phonemain image of gate sip intercom stationcisco door station on poeAsterisk intercomshows how you install the sip and voip door phones

VoIP Gate + Barrier Intercom + IP & Mobile Phone Operated + Plug + Play + Cat5e + POE + O/board Relay

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IP65 + Stainless Steel VoIP Barrier Phone. Remote operated site entry for IP Phone System integration (hosted or on-site). Very easy to install and no other parts to buy and install. If your application requires 4 x SIP Gate/Barrier Intercom Stations – You need a 4 Port POE Switch.

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SKU: 011186GB-IS.

Product Description

Decide on which option: Single call button option calls a single extension (which can form hunt groups). The 12 key-keypad is essentially a Telephone (dial multiple extensions).

  1. Connect it to a POE port
  2. Connect the on-board relay (I/O board) to a gate or barrier controller (N/O output)
  3. Quickly Configure through the Internet (web-browser/page)
  4. Set up a simple Point to Point architecture or integrate to on-site or hosted VoIP Phone System

Through the web-page settings you pre-programme a Relay Code. The Barrier or Gate opens by:

  1. Mobile Phones sending the Relay Code
  2. IP Phones within the Enterprise sending the Relay Code
  3. Secure PIN Coded Access ( entering a code with the 12-key keypad barrier phone)

*There are other relay activation settings, these above three are the most popular

What you need to complete the installation:

  1. Cat5e or Cat6 Cabling infrastructure (already installed)
  2. IP Phone System (already installed)
  3. POE switch (already installed)
  4. IP & Mobile Phones (already installed)
  5. The Internet (already installed)

This product integrates to cutting edge IP, VoIP & SIP networks. Yet, its most important feature (the on-board relay-I/O board) is no different than the ones you have been wiring up for years. 

intercom on-board relay

^ Normally Open contact is enough to trigger a gate or barrier controller


  • Approved by over 35 leading IP Telephony Vendors – See here
  • Your system parts have already been bought (LAN/Cat5e/POE/Internet)
  • On-board relay – triggers doors, gates and barriers
  • Telephone Dial Mode + Speed Dial Mode (Keypad version Only)
  • Call Button – Calls IP/Mobile phone – Phone opens door/barrier (Keypad + None Keypad )
  • Security PIN Code access  – no need for card readers + extra equipment (Keypad)
  • As easy as adding a new phone extension/user
  • SIP enabled – SIP-RFC3261 complaint
  • P2P Option (Peer-to-Peer) set up as an alternative to VoIP + SIP
  • POE enabled
  • Easy fix to a Pedestal Mount
  • Plug + Play with embedded DHCP
  • Plug + Play with RTMF button (press it – Announces IP address)
  • Configure through Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox
  • Ingress rating of IP65 – (dust tight + Water projected from a nozzle against the enclosure)
  • High Quality Full Duplex Audio
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
  • Configurable audio files
  • Dual SIP extensions – 1 x for Secure Entry 1 x for Ring Groups – Paging – Loud Phone ringing
  • Cisco SRST for Cisco Environments
  • OPTIONAL: Weather Shroud for extra protection (choose above)
  • OPTIONAL: Keypad (speed dial + dial like a telephone)

For more features and installation tips see the Operations Guide: None Keypad | With Keypad

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Shroud for extra protection

Without Shroud, With Shroud

Keypad Options

Keypad + Call Button, Call Button Only