VoIP based door phone
Goose Neck VoIP Barrier Intercom with on-board relay
SIP Outdoor VoIP Intercom – Fixing to a wall
On-board relay controls doors, gates and barriers –  triggered by IP Phones
Simply register to an IP-PBX
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SIP-enabled VoIP Door + Barrier Phone – Integrates + Dials Into the Phone Network

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Could you install an IP Phone ? Could you or your End user add a new phone extension to the VoIP Phone System ? If the answer is yes, then you have the knowledge to install a CyberData VoIP secure entry phone. The POE device, sits on the IP Telephony system as a certifed 3rd party SIP enabled IP endpoint. Approved by Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Microsoft-Lync, NEC, Mitel and Panasonic, and around 30 other manufactures. SIP Compliant (RFC3261), POE enabled and needs only the Internet for configuration. 12-key backlit keypad which dials and speed dials into the ip phone network. DTMF complaint (RFC2833). IP Phones and Mobiles send DTMF tones to trigger the Gate/Barrier/Door. 

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Product Description

VoIP Door & Barrier Secure Entry Phone

The CyberData VoIP door/barrier phone for IP Phone networks, has to be the easiest SIP compliant door/barrier phone to set up. There are no other parts to purchase and install. NO Pc or running software is required. One cat5e Ethernet cable and POE connectivity (or optional 12v supply) is all that is required to complete the system. A high end product made in the USA. CyberData has gained multiple interoperability accreditation awards from all leading IP telephony vendors. CyberData is a True IP/VoIP solution and a True Plug & Play set up. Probably its most popular application today is gates and barriers. The relay on the VoIP door phones board has Normally Open (NO) contacts. This is enough to trigger an automated barrier. Robust stainless steel build and IP65 rated.

VoIP Door Phone Features:

  • Provides an intuitive user interface for easy system configuration and verification of Intercom operations.
  • Telephone Dial Mode + Speed Dial Mode + Call Button – Reach IP/Mobile phone – Phone opens door/barrier
  • Security PIN Code access (no need for card readers + extra equipment)
  • Approved by over 35 leading IP Telephony Vendors – See here
  • Ingress rating of IP65 – (dust tight + Water projected from a nozzle against the enclosure)
  • Optional weather Shroud for extra protection (choose above)
  • Power Other Ethernet
  • SIP enabled – SIP-RFC3261 complaint
  • P2P (Point-to-Point) set up as an alternative to VoIP + SIP
  • Speed dial or dials into IP Phone network
  • On-board relay – triggers doors, gates and barriers
  • Ultra fast installation
  • Ethernet cable is all thats needed
  • Set up through Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox
  • Internet web-page Firmware updates
  • Plug + Play with DHCP
  • Plug + Play with RTMF button
  • Goose Neck mounting option – ideal for gates & barriers
  • High Quality Full Duplex Audio
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
  • Configurable audio files
  • None keypad version here (less money)
  • Your system parts have already been bought (LAN/Cat5e/POE/Internet)

The Intercoms board has an RTMF button built in. Once connected, you can press this, hold it down for a few seconds. The device will then announce its own IP address over the speaker. This is also an excellent way to test the audio.

No need to buy anymore hardware

The great thing about this installation is that everything you need to make the system work, is usually already in place. There are no tied in handsets to buy (use the customers IP Phones/Mobile). No servers to buy (use the end users IP-PBX / SIP Server). It needs cat5e and POE which all locations now have. For a secure entry application there are only 3 or 4 parameters to configure, this takes no time at all. The VoIP door Phone is configured through a web-browser. These include: Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. All the technical info and jargon aside, you are essentially installing an IP Phone and adding a new extension/user.

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Weather Shroud for extra protection ?

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