SIP Door Entry Systems – cat5e IP & POE

What is SIP Door Entry ?

SIP door entry Systems form part of the access control infrastructure, an IP based intercom that integrates to the IP Telephony System and used in IP ANPR, Automated Gate, Barrier and Door Entry applications. SIP door entry systems are very popular in the UK due to lower install prices, simple configuration and flexible set up. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, SIP simply initiates session over the Internet in a VoIP environment. In recent years, the VoIP body has adopted SIP as its protocol for their method of signaling. All iEntry SIP based Products conform to the Protocol Standard “SIP RFC-3261” RFC is used for data interchange between server and client. IETF is the organization that governs these protocols which stands for Internet Engineering Task Force.

Back to the simple stuff !

So we know that SIP is simply the protocol, standard or architecture these door entry systems run on, you will also here them called SIP and IP door entry system, just like an IP camera, the SIP-enabled IP intercom runs over and connects to the IP network . This is also known as the LAN or Local Area Network. All the Cyberdata SIP door entry intercoms we stock connect on a single cat5e cable or cat6 cable straight to a spare POE port in your End Users POE switch. Utilizing the existing network and structured cabling system makes the installation process more flexible and converges your intercoms to the IP system that your End User is already using for his Telephony, Surveillance, Data and Communications.

Web-programmed for mega fast set up

Other SIP and IP intercoms require a PC, Server or even software to be installed and some even require separate licenses to be bought. Cyberdata SIP door entry systems and intercoms are programmed through their own auto configured IP address and web page. The most popular SIP intercom we supply is the Cyberdata 011214 ip65 outdoor SIP enabled IP intercom with a 12-Key Keypad and on-board relay.

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