VoIP Door Intercom

VoIP Door Intercom Systems for IP-PBX networks

VoIP door Intercoms are becoming very popular with End users and installers. Utilizing the End Users cat5e or cat6 cabling, Physical network and IP-PBX is a simple, effective and cost effective way to deploy VoIP door intercoms used for access control of doors, gates and barriers.

The VoIP door intercom connects into the Local Area Network (LAN) on a cat5e data cable direct to a spare POE port in the data center. Or even a 1-port POE injector into a router for smaller applications. Your VoIP door intercom is now part of the structured cabling network, its been installed in a quick manner in a flexible cost effective fashion. Now you need to integrate the IP intercom to the IP Phone network. You do this buy registering the voip intercom to the IP-PBX (sometimes known as a SIP Server). The IP-PBX coud be on site in the form of a hardware based solution. It could also be software on a PC or a remote server based platform, (also known as a Cloud based IP-PBX).

Registering the VoIP door Intercom to an IP-PBX is exactly like installing a 3rd party IP phone. You are quite simply adding a SIP-enabled IP endpoint to the Physcial Network. Once integrated the VoIP intercom will use the SIP architecture for operating. SIP is the protocol used within IP Telephony environments. You can now dial multiple extension numbers, you could also divert to a mobile and so much more.

The VoIP door Intercom is configured through its own IP address, this is pre configured onto the network for you, making this a “true plug and talk” system. Now you simply log into the settings and configure the parameters. This takes no time at, the complete solution is very easy to install. iEntry Systems is based in Manchester in the UK, call us, we love talking about SIP & IP Intercoms.

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