Cyberdata VoIP Intercom Systems

Cyberdata VoIP Intercoms – Ultra Fast Set Up

The Cyberdata ip intercom is used in VoIP environments. The intercom would sit on the physical network as an IP addressed SIP endpoint which enables that the connection is fast and hassle free on a single cat5e cable to a poe switch. You then register the intercom to an IP-PBX, this could be a hosted solution or on site IP-PBX if the End User has a IP phone system in place. Once part of the phone network, the intercom can speed dial and call multiple extension numbers and so much more. The intercom’s features are all network based. You access the intercom through its IP address which is auto configured. In a VoIP environment the Cyberdata VoIP intercom is certified by Avaya, Cisco, Mitel and around another 30+ leading IP telephony manufacturers. For pricing please visit our SIP & IP door intercom micro site or call with any questions.

On-board DTMF relay

Operating the relay is one of the most import features and if you want to see how the web-browser based software looks then please see our micro-site for further details. The on-board relay is a DTMF dry relay contact. DTMF stands for Dual Tone Multi Frequency and is the signal our phones send when a button is pressed. The easiest way to explain this is if you imagine when you call your phone or TV provider and you are presented with an automated menu, you are then asked to make your relevant selection, fro this the system knows what button you have pressed as DTMF tones are sent down your phone line. This is exactly how the intercom works, you would divert to a mobile or a IP phone at reception, the call handler would press a sequence of numbers and this would trigger the attached the door or barrier.

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